Georgia Sheriff: ‘My Deputies are coming for you like you have never seen’

JACKSON — Butts County Sheriff Gary Long has had enough.

The sheriff has put violent criminals in the city of Jackson on notice, citing increased gun violence. After an incident Wednesday that saw two vehicles involved in a shootout with each other on the roads of the Georgia town, the Sheriff took to Facebook to let residents and criminals alike know his intentions.

The Incident: On Wednesday, a red Jeep Cherokee and a Dodge Dakota pickup truck came through the City of Jackson in an active shootout with each other. The driver of the Jeep was hit by gunfire in the arm and went to a family member’s house.

Deputies located the Dodge pickup with two men riding in the bed of the truck. According to Long, the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle and a short vehicle pursuit ensued, ending on Mulberry Street and First Street in Jackson.

The two men in the bed of the truck fled on foot and the driver was apprehended. The pistol used in the shooting was recovered and Long says two men who fled on foot have been identified and will be arrested very shortly.

Long’s Vow to Residents: The sheriff did not mince words in his Facebook post. Here’s what he had to say to residents and those responsible for the uptick in gun violence in Jackson.

“To the Citizens of Jackson, I am putting a plan in place and sending Deputies into the City to stop the increased gun violence we have been experiencing. My Deputies WILL NOT leave the City of Jackson until we have identified and arrested those responsible for tearing down the quality of life for the good people of Jackson. These types of crimes have been isolated throughout different neighborhoods in the City, but as of today, they took their violence to the square in Jackson. By the grace of God, no innocent bystanders were injured. If you are involved in this type of criminal behavior, my advice to you, is leave Jackson now, as my Deputies are coming for you like you have never seen. 

“As Sheriff, I will not sit back and let these senseless criminals create havoc and chaos to the good people of our great City and County.”

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  • I’m glad someone is standing up to protect all people

    • That’s the way it all should be handled al if the rest would get the hint you going to do bad there’s a price to pay if we all stood together all the chaos an havoc would not be taking place. Take The Who ever what ever to stop it all. There is no relationship to the riots an thugs burning things stealing killing others to what has happened each case is different an we as the people need together all the facts cause no one has see all that there was that day only bits an pieces what lead up to him being walked across the street the scuffle I saw a clumps of an him in the ground? so how can you judge. An I will agree on one thing the officer should have gotten off an let him breath an the the other officers should of got him off by what ever means hell there were enough to handle him.
      Prayers to The Floyd family.

      • That’s right everyone only gets bits and pieces and jump to conclusions.

  • It’s nice to see an Official standing up for his community. It’s time these horrific criminals are stopped. I hope they are punished beyond the extent of the law. These criminals have no respect for the law or any human being. Stricter punishment must be set for these types of folks, Must put fear if possible in criminals to hopefully deter others from continuing on their criminal path. Prayers for him and his officer’s during this sweep up criminals. This is a start and I pray for their success in making their community safe and thug free.

  • Virginia McLendon -

    I have only praise for this sheriff!!!! We need a lot more just like him!

  • Julie Martin -

    He is to be commended for taking this position. His message is pretty clear. I wish him the best.

  • All officers around the country need to protect the people, property and businesses. Especially, with the heavy violence against law officers. This should not be tolerated.

  • Angela Yanaros -

    That is exactly what needs to happen all across America, it’s a sad state of affairs. If something isn’t done, the country has no future. The big question is how ? Small towns and cities are doable, what about the big towns and big cities? District by district. 😡

  • Betty Godfrey -

    This is the best thing that can happen to a city
    And county.clean it up for the good people
    They don’t deserve this.Wish other cities would do this and make it safe to leave the house.It has all gotten out of Controle.It is really sad.

  • Jake Fosgate -

    Well said sheriff! Those words are for the criminals who are out on the streets committing such henious crimes. They have no respect for human life so they need to be handled accordingly.

  • David Hecker -

    Well done Sheriff and God bless your Deputies.I just wish more Law enforcement would take charge like you are.

  • Kay Hammack -

    I am very proud of the sheriff in Jackson for standing by his promise to protect the citizens of the city. Thank you

  • Jake Fosgate -

    A promise said, and now a promise made by the sheriff to the community! I support the sheriff and his deputies! We need law enforcement in this country! Not abolish law enforcement! This country ain’t made to be without law enforcement!

  • More power to you. 👏🏻 ACLU And BLM will be protesting. May God Bless you.

  • To Bad other law enforcement agencies are more worried about how they handle street level murderous thugs out of fear of a law suit rather than taking a no B.S. allowed approach . See Folks this is what you get when you support Radical Left policy. Thank You Sheriff for taking the cuffs off your Deputies and letting them get to work PROTECTING your charge which is Jackson. I say get to it now sheriff! Thanks again Pat B.

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