Reminder: Don’t leave your guns in your car

Glock 45 pistol.

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department is reminding residents that the car is no place to leave guns after several guns were taken during a car break-in yesterday.

According to police, on May 12 at about 7 p.m., an AR-15 9-mm, a .308 Browning A-Bolt, a .22 Marlin 39-A, 50 rounds-.45A-CP, 100 rounds-.22, 200 rounds-9-mm (all in magazines) were taken from a locked vehicle parked at a North Monroe Street address.

The thieves entered the victim’s truck after breaking a window then stole the guns and ammunition. 

“We know these things can end up in the wrong hands, so our biggest concern is getting the guns and ammunition off the streets and away from criminals. We’d also like to remind gun owners not to leave guns inside their vehicles, hidden or in plain sight. It just makes it that much more tempting for criminals,” said Albany Police Chief Michael Persley.

If anyone has information about the guns and ammunition stolen, the Albany Police Department urges them to call Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS. You do not have to leave your name or number.

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