Here are the 10 cities with the most stable housing markets in Georgia

A financial technology company has released its rankings of cities with the most stable housing markets in Georgia and some of the results may surprise you.

A recent analysis by New York financial technology company SmartAsset ranked the most stable housing markets in Georgia. Stability was measured by the average number of years people stay in their homes and the percentage of homeowners with negative equity.

 For a look at the housing markets that were ranked most stable in Georgia, check out the table below.

RankCityAverage Years Living in HomeAvg. Homes with Negative EquityHomes Decreasing in ValueAvg. Days on MarketHome Costs as % of IncomeStability Index
5Sugar Hill19.16.6%17.0%96.819.2%69.15
7Richmond Hill22.313.8%14.1%204.220.7%66.18

The rankings are part of SmartAsset’s comprehensive study on the healthiest housing markets in the country. For a look at the full study, including the interactive map and methodology, check here:

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