Georgia has record week for coronavirus cases

Saturday caps off the end of a difficult week in Georgia as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rise and the state struggles to find positive news relating the virus.

In the one-week period from June 28 to July 4, the state reported a record 16,109 new cases of coronavirus. That number is a significant increase over the previous week, when the state reported 10,284 new cases.

Hospitalizations also rose this week, with the Georgia Department of Public Health reporting 1,032 new hospitalizations for COVID-19.

On Saturday, the state reported 2,826 new cases and 90 new hospitalizations.

Georgia now has 93,319 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 11,743 hospitalizations for the virus and 2,857 deaths.

State officials are concerned that large groups of people not social distancing and not wearing masks over the Fourth of July weekend will cause the recent surge in cases to go higher.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp completed a tour of the state Thursday, visiting several cities with Georgia’s director of public health and the U.S. Surgeon General in tow encouraging residents to wear masks.

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