Train derails after hitting truck in Duluth

DULUTH — A train derailed in Duluth Wednesday morning after colliding with a truck that was on the tracks, Gwinnett County Firefighters say.

At 9:25 a.m., firefighters responded to a report of a train derailment at the 3600 block of Buford Highway in Duluth. 

Crews arrived to find about 20 to 23 railcars, which included three locomotives, that jumped the tracks after making impact with a truck that was on the tracks.

The conductor, engineer, and truck driver sustained minor injuries and were all transported to the hospital for further evaluation. A concerned citizen sustained a minor injury while attempting to provide assistance.

According to fire officials, there was a diesel fuel leak from one of the locomotives but it was contained to the railroad right of way.  The train had mixed cargo with ten of its railcars carrying hazardous materials.

After assessing the damaged cars, the HAZMAT Team identified two of the derailed railcars as having hazardous contents. No leaks from the containers were found. There were no immediate or long-term hazards identified and no threat to the surrounding community or the environment. 

Norfolk Southern Corporation arrived, assessed the situation, and began implementing plans for cleanup operations.

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