More than 1,000 people in Georgia have died from coronavirus

Photo of man getting his temperature by a thermal scanner

Georgia has crossed the 1,000 death mark in the coronavirus pandemic.

The state now has a total of 1,020 deaths attributed to COVID-19, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. The department also began releasing more details on hospitalizations and Intensive Care admissions. Statewide, 1,082 coronavirus patients have been admitted to the ICU.

The state’s total number of hospitalizations is 4,778 and the total number of confirmed cases is 24,551. A total of 127,169 tests have been processed statewide.

Newly released data on hospitalization gives a more detailed look at how the virus is progressing throughout Georgia. In Fulton County, there have been 2,708 confirmed cases, 108 deaths and 492 hospitalizations. The next highest number of cases is in DeKalb County, with 1,886 confirmed cases, 49 deaths and 347 hospitalizations.

Representatives from the CDC and local health workers will be conducting antibody tests at random homes in Fulton and DeKalb due to their number of cases and the fact that those two counties are seeing community spread from the virus.

Gwinnett County has the third highest number of COVID-19 cases with 1,573. Gwinnett has had 57 deaths and 330 hospitalizations. Cobb County has had 1,507 confirmed cases, 96 deaths and 434 hospitalizations.

Dougherty County, Georgia’s well-known hotspot for the virus has had the highest number of deaths of any Georgia county, but trails four counties in both number of cases and hospitalizations. Dougherty has had 1,491 confirmed cases, 118 deaths and 284 hospitalizations.

Hall County recently passed the 1,000 case mark and now has 1,124 cases, 15 deaths and 159 hospitalizations.

The state also began releasing information on spread of the virus among healthcare workers. According to today’s data from the Department of Public Health, of Georgia’s 24,551 confirmed cases, 2,280 of those infected have been health workers.

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