Trump: ‘I’m not happy about Brian Kemp’

On the eve of Georgia reopening some businesses under orders from Gov. Brian Kemp, President Donald Trump didn’t mince words when criticizing the governor’s decision, which violates Trump’s gradual plan to reopen the economy.

On Wednesday, Trump said he disagreed strongly with Kemp’s decision. Thursday evening, Trump doubled down on his criticism and indicated that it wasn’t just Kemp’s decision that the president was unhappy with.

When asked about whether or not he showed initial support for Kemp’s order in a phone call Wednesday, Trump denied supporting the action.

“I told him very distinctly, ‘You do what you think is best.’ But you asked me if I’m happy about it, I’m not happy about it, and I’m not happy about Brian Kemp,” Trump said.

It isn’t often that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Trump agree on anything, but in the last two days, both have expressed displeasure about the speed at which Kemp is moving to reopen Georgia’s economy. Albany mayor Bo Dorough has also joined the chorus of mayors who are concerned about the timing of Kemp’s plan.

Kemp has appeared unfazed by the president’s criticism and defended his decision on Facebook Wednesday night after Trump made his initial remarks. He has not released any public statements since the president’s harsher criticism in Thursday’s coronavirus task force briefing.

Kemp’s order takes effect Friday morning.

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