Has Georgia hit its peak for coronavirus deaths and hospital resource use?

New projections on coronavirus in Georgia may mean good news for the state and indicate that the statewide shelter-in-place order is working.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Georgia may have already hit its peak days for COVID-19 deaths and for strain on hospital resources. The institute released new projections Friday showing that Georgia reached its peak for deaths on April 7, when 100 deaths were reported and may have reached its peak for strain on hospital resources April 15.

The projections indicate hospital needs will return to levels that are below the state’s hospital capacity around May 8 and the number of deaths per day could reach zero by May 30.

While these projections are welcome news, keep in mind projections are based on current data trends and are subject to change.

Yesterday Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp toured the new alternate care center at the Georgia World Congress Center that is designed to house COVID-19 patients if the hospital system gets too overwhelmed. Kemp also announced he was working on a plan to restart Georgia’s economy and would be unveiling parts of it next week.

As of noon Saturday, Georgia had 17,669 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 673 people had died from the virus. Statewide, 3,420 COVID-19 cases have resulted in hospitalization.

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