DeKalb County Sheriff has coronavirus scare

DeKalb Sheriff Melody Maddox may have to re-think her daily walk-about through the housing units of the DeKalb County Jail. Doctor’s orders.

Today, the sheriff found herself back at home and being screened via Tele-Med services after a second DeKalb Jail employee tested positive for COVID-19. The 45-year old female jail operations supervisor frequently accompanied Sheriff Maddox on her strolls though the massive million square-foot facility to share words of encouragement with inmates and jail staff, and to assess the agency’s performance at meeting their needs.

Sheriff Maddox became a link in the agency’s protocol for reverse investigation of direct and indirect contact once the affected jail supervisor learned of her test results. The procedure is designed to inform anyone who might have been exposed so they can take necessary precautions.  And that is what Sheriff Maddox did – seeking medical screenings for symptoms. None were found.

“Although I have been medically-cleared to continue working, I am more keenly aware that no one is exempt from this threat,” says Sheriff Maddox. “Our challenge is that this agency never closes, and we are constantly in proximity to each other and individuals from throughout the community.

“The men and women of the sheriff’s office are to be commended for their selflessness in providing security for the facility and the public.  We are doing all that we can to keep them safe as we continue to do what we are mandated to do.”

The agency has reported four confirmed cases of COVID-19 since mid-March involving two employees and two inmates.

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