Man steals wallets and firearms from unlocked cars

BYRON — Residents in a neighborhood in Byron, Georgia fell victim to a thief on the evening and early morning hours of Dec. 3 and 4.

The man was caught on video and was reported to have entered 10 vehicles in the Meadows Walk subdivision on Highway 49.

The man targeted vehicles that were unlocked and took items from wallets to firearms. If anyone has any information they can contact Detective Steve Parrell at 478-956-2493.

The Byron Police Department is reminding all residents to lock their doors and bring their valuables inside at night.

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  • This is sad for two reasons: that folks carelessly made themselves victims in spite of frequent warnings to not leave valuables in vehicles and never unlocked and second that this young man is so lazy that he would even think to take things that others have worked for. He lacks courage and integrity. He NEEDS the Lord! We all need to pray for him.

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