DeKalb CEO wants to give police and firefighters a raise

DEKALB COUNTY — DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond wants to give police, firefighters and other public safety workers in the county a 4% pay raise.

Thurmond is recommending to the county Board of Commissioners a four-percent public safety salary increase. The raise would be effective the first pay period in January. The total cost of the compensation increase is $5.4 million.

“DeKalb County remains committed to ensuring that our community is safe,” said Thurmond. “The county’s holistic approach to increase compensation for the men and women of public safety reflects the county’s commitment to protecting DeKalb citizens and improving the county’s public safety system.” 

The proposed salary increase would apply to about 2,300 employees, including police officers, firefighters, E-911 employees, Medical Examiner investigators, marshals, State and Juvenile Court probation officers, sworn Code Enforcement officers, Animal Services officers, DeKalb Emergency Management Agency employees, District Attorney investigators, Solicitor-General investigators, and Sheriff’s deputies, detention officers and security technicians.

If approved by the Board of Commissioners, the increase would be the fourth public safety increase since 2017. A pay adjustment to address public safety salary compression was granted in 2017, followed by a 3% adjustment for all employees including public safety and an additional 4% raise for public safety personnel in 2018.

The full budget proposal for next year will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration by Dec. 15.

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