A missing mother of two was located, but now she faces charges


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BREMEN — A mother of two who went missing in Georgia for four days was found, but now she is facing charges.

On Nov. 14, 2019, Alecia Elizabeth Newsome was reported missing by her mother after she failed to return home for over 24 hours and her phone appeared to be turned off.

The Sheriff’s Office began its investigation into the missing person’s case. During the investigation on Friday, they attempted to make contact with Don Cox, the friend who Newsome had gone to take to Walmart, however, they were unable to get anyone to come out of his house, which is behind a locked gate.

The Sheriff’s Office continued to attempt to track Newsome’s movements and received multiple tips that they had seen Newsome with Cox. Officers were finally able to make contact with Cox at his home on Saturday evening.

According to the Sheriff’s Dept., Cox said he had not seen Newsome since about an hour after they got back from Walmart Wednesday night and he didn’t even know she was missing. While speaking to Cox, the investigator asked him about a phone lying on the couch next to him and he said it belonged to Newsome. Cox turned the phone over to the investigator.

Later the night, the Sergeant on Patrol was searching back roads and went down Carnes road and observed what appeared to be the Chevy AVEO Newsome was driving in a yard. He pulled in to the edge of the yard and saw that it was the tag to the car Newsome had been driving. Upon making contact with the residents of the home, he was told that Cox and Newsome had put it there. The car was towed from the house at that time.

On Sunday, another attempt was made to contact Cox and a Patrol Sergeant did at one point talk to him and he stated he still had not seen Newsome.

On Monday, Nov. 18, a search warrant was obtained and executed at the residence of Don Cox. At that time, sheriff’s deputies found Newsome inside the residence with Cox.

According to the Sheriff’s Dept., Newsome said she needed help so she was transported to the hospital and sent for an evaluation, she will later face charges in this incident. Cox has been arrested for Obstruction.


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