It’s Fall in Georgia… Until you go outside

The meteorologists and the calendar have told Georgians that fall has arrive. Grocery stores, coffee shops and other retail outlets have also joined in the fall spirit with their pumpkin spice this’n’that’s and their fall/Halloween decorations.

But in Georgia, the distinction between fall and summer doesn’t mean much. At least, not yet. The current 5-day forecast shows temperatures in the 90s and is evidence that while summer has left us, her swelter has remained.

Yes, you can expect temperatures in the 90s and humidity in the scorching range. The leaves will wilt away not because of the season change, but because they simply cannot bear the heat any longer.

Our friends at “It’s A Southern Thing” produced the video above, which highlights the disappointment that accompanies fall in the Southern states. If you woke up this morning ready for fall festivals and cool weather, know that you weren’t alone when you walked outside and felt immediately depressed by the oppressive heat.

Stay inside and enjoy your pumpkin spice and festive fall decorations. It’ll be safe to go outside again once winter officially arrives. Happy Fall, Y’all!

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