Scam Alert: That police officer calling to demand you pay a fine probably isn’t legit

BIBB COUNTY — The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents not to give any money to scammers calling and claiming to be from the sheriff’s department.

The department says it has become aware of a caller who is phoning citizens claiming to be from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. The impersonator then demands that a fine be paid for a warrant, ticket or other court matters by forwarding payment to them.

During the scam calls, the individual impersonating an officer may ask the citizen to purchase some type of payment card or other financial tools to “pay the fine.” The scammer then asks the citizen to provide the card number or financial information.

Sheriff’s department officials say residents who receive a call like this should immediately identify it as a scam. 

Sheriff’s deputies, police officers or court officers will never phone any citizen asking for payment of any kind. As an added precaution, the Bibb Sheriff’s Office is recommending that you never provide personal or financial information to any caller or unsolicited contact. 

If you receive a call like this, please report it to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office by calling 478-751-7500. 

If you are in doubt, please contact the agency the caller claims to be representing to verify information. For more information on scams such as this please contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Outreach Section at 478-803-2710.

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