Georgia lawmaker proposes ‘Testicular Bill of Rights’ that would classify sex without a condom as aggravated assault

In response to the Georgia House of Representatives passing the controversial “Heartbeat Bill” which would criminalize abortion after a heartbeat has been detected, one Georgia democrat is proposing a “Testicular Bill of Rights” that she says addresses men’s reproductive rights.

State Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick, a democrat from Lithonia, is drafting a bill that would criminalize some vasectomies, having sex without a condom, and instate a mandatory waiting period before men can make purchases at sex shops.

The “Testicular Bill of Rights” legislative package would include the following:

  • Require men to obtain permission from their sex partner before they are able to obtain a prescription for Viagra or any erectile dysfunction medication.
  • Ban vasectomy procedures in Georgia.
  • Make it an “aggravated assault” crime for men to have sex without a condom.
  • Require DNA testing when a woman is six weeks and one day pregnant to determine the father of the child, who shall immediately begin paying child support.
  • Create a 24 hour waiting period for men to purchase porn or sex toys in Georgia.

The bill Kendrick’s legislative package is responding to is House Bill 481, which would make abortion illegal once a doctor is able to detect a heartbeat in the womb. The bill considers the moment of fetal heartbeat detection to be the indicator of viable life and sets out that the unborn would be counted as a Georgia citizen and would be eligible for a state income tax deduction.

That bill would allow abortions after the heartbeat has been detected if the pregnancy has been diagnosed by a doctor as medically futile or if an abortion is necessary to avoid the death of the pregnant woman or to avert “serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.” The exception must be based on a physical condition and not a “mental or emotional” condition.

The bill also excludes rape or incest from the heartbeat requirement, but a police report must have been filed alleging the rape or incest.

Kendrick’s proposal is a draft and has not been filed officially yet.


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  • Andrew Finch -

    I think it is important to understand the concept of these, the sex without condom without woman’s consent can lead her to get pregnant and it should be considered as assault, as family planning decision is not should be done from single partner. You can contact vasectomy specialists in Atlanta.

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