North Georgia braces for snow Tuesday

Winter weather is headed for Georgia and could arrive as early as Monday night.

While snow is possible, that doesn’t mean it is a certainty and it will depend on what the temperature is when the rain actually starts falling.

When will it start?: The National Weather Service has placed a large portion of north Georgia under a Winter Storm Watch that begins late Monday night through Tuesday evening.

Where?: If you live north of a line that stretches across Franklin, to Jonesboro to Gainsville, your area is part of the storm watch and could get snow.

How much snow are we talking about?: The National Weather Service is predicting about 2 inches of snow on average, with higher amounts in higher elevations. It isn’t a lot of snow, but it is enough stop metro Atlanta in its tracks until it melts.

When might it melt?: Current forecasts show a low of 21 degrees and a high of 44 degrees on Tuesday and a low of 19 and high of 43 degrees on Wednesday, so it is possible that any snow will melt and re-freeze a couple of times before the roads are considered safe. Thursday’s low is 30, which is still below freezing. The high will be 43.

Rabun County: A separate weather alert has been issued for Rabun County. Rabun is part of an arctic front that could bring more snow to the southern Appalachians. Residents there should be prepared for 3 to 6 inches of snow.

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