Georgia Police show off their entertainment skills with lip sync challenge

If you don’t spend a lot of time on social media — or if you just don’t watch videos online — you may not be aware that police departments around the country have been participating in an unofficial lip sync challenge.

In Georgia, several police departments have participated and most of the videos show off local communities and the southern charm of our local police departments. Here is a roundup of some of the videos the boys in blue throughout the state have offered up.

Pickens County
Let’s start with the best video of the bunch — and not just for Georgia. While most of the videos are light-hearted and fun, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office decided to use the lip sync challenge as a platform to drive home a point about domestic violence.

Their video shows the importance of police work to untold numbers of families that struggle with issues of domestic violence. It is the only video on this list that tugs at the heart strings and not at the funny bone, and it deserves to go first.

Monroe County
The Monroe County Police Department’s video is fairly typical of this contest. Several police departments nationwide chose “Uptown Funk” as their song for the video, but the quality of the video and the synchronization is top-notch in this one.

Laurens County
If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you’re going to love the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office’s contribution to this contest. The Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit are referenced with both the General Lee and the familiar Black Trans-Am making appearances.

Elbert County
Just because the Elbert County Sheriff’s office’s version is a one man show shot on a cell phone, doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

In their video, the Savannah Police have caught a criminal and are encouraging him to “Hold On” and turn his life around. In addition to being hilarious, it is incredibly well done.

Someone had to do it. In case you didn’t know, Lincolnton is the home of the “Red Devils,” so naturally, the police dept. chose “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Enjoy!

When in Rome, throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks. The Rome Police Dept. video features several songs and does an excellent job of showcasing the city.

Henry County
The Henry County Police Department gives us everything from Uptown Funk to country to The Beastie Boys. You can’t say these cops don’t have a sense of humor.

The Perry Police Dept. would like you to know that if you need them, nothing will keep them from getting to you. That’s right, they chose “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Also, the Perry Police have moves.

Not to be outdone, the Perry Fire Dept. responded to the police department’s challenge. Here is their offering, set to “Danger Zone,” which is oddly appropriate for a Fire Dept.:

Warner Robins
They’re movin’ their hips like, yeah.

McIntosh County
Apparently, the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office has pretty early and pretty boring meetings. At least, that is the inspiration they are claiming for this video.

Dawson County
Featuring callbacks to Smokey and The Bandit and an officer who really loves his radar gun, you can tell the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office had fun putting this together. Oh, and there’s a guy dancing a jig.

This is another one-man show, and the lighting isn’t the best, you won’t forget about it.

Social Circle
In case you had forgotten, Social Circle’s Finest would like to remind you that Social Circle is a small town.

The Canton Police Department’s video will make fall in love with Canton even if you don’t live there. This feel-good video really captures the sense of community found in Canton.

Spalding County
Speaking of feel-good videos, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office takes us all to church in their video.

This one may not be classified as a feel-good video, but the Loganville Police  have a good feeling about it.

Effingham may be a small town, but their video has some seriously big production values.

The Dunwoody PD brings out the dance moves in their video. They’re dancing with each other, with residents and even with dogs.

Bibb County
Another one man show.

Another nicely done video where everyone involved really got into it.

Chatham County
A man, a woman and a K-9 rock out in this one from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.

Liberty County
The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office found themselves chasing a banana in their video.

The Augusta Fire Dept. even got in on the lip syncing action.

Who did we miss? If you know of a Georgia police or fire department that produced a lip sync challenge video that wasn’t highlighted here, let us know in the comments below.

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