If you live in Avondale Estates, your garbage collection fee just increased

The Gist: In Avondale Estates, the city’s sanitation fees will be going up about $71 per household per year in 2019, bringing the total for residential trash collection to $521 per year.

When was the decision made?: The mayor and city commissioners voted on the increase July 9.

How are the fees collected?: While residents of Avondale Estates don’t get a monthly garbage bill like residents in many cities, the city includes the sanitation bill yearly with property taxes.

Why was the fee increased?: The city’s sanitation services are part of an enterprise fund that is designed to be self-supporting. Fees are increased to cover the cost of the service.

What services are included in the sanitation fund?: For that $521 per year, the city provides  twice-weekly garbage collection, as well as yard waste, debris, and loose leaf collection, and recycling.

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