Man robs Dollar General using items he found in store

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A suspect who robbed a Macon Dollar General store is accused of stealing cigarettes using items he found inside the store. According to police, the suspect acted as though he were going to buy the items, but instead, used them to commit a crime.

The suspect picked out a knife and laundry basket while shopping in the store and took both items to the checkout counter where he asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes.

When the clerk asked for the man’s identification to purchase the cigarettes, the suspect left the store, went to his vehicle and returned with his ID.

Once the knife was scanned, the suspect took the knife out of its packaging and moved to the side of the clerk’s  counter. Police say the suspect threatened the clerk with the knife and demanded that the clerk fill the laundry basket with cigarettes. The clerk refused and got out of the way of the suspect.

The suspect gained entry into the cigarette case and began to fill the laundry basket. Once he filled the laundry basket with cigarettes, he ran out of the store, got into a vehicle and then fled the scene. No one was injured during the incident.

However, police say the suspect left his ID on the counter, which allowed them to identify both the suspect and the vehicle used in the robbery.

Police arrested the suspect, 42 year old Carlos Antonio Rhodes Monday afternoon. He was found at a residence located off Log Cabin Drive. Rhodes was taken into custody without incident and is being held without bond on the charge of armed robbery. Rhodes also had separate warrants for terroristic threats and two counts of theft by shoplifting. The vehicle that was used in the robbery was also recovered.

Reminder: The above report contains information and allegations supplied by local law enforcement that are public records. All accused people are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.