Fun Spot America adds new features to Fayetteville theme park

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Fun Spot America, a family-owned theme park with a history dating back to 1969 has announced an expansion to its Atlanta location. The property’s first project is the construction of the Samson Monster Track. As part of a $2 million-dollar investment, Fun Spot America is developing this new multilevel go-cart track.

Fun Spot America has also added new bumper boats and new laser tag as well as new video games to the arcade game room. In addition, as part of the improvements, the company has included a new ticketing system and infrastructure.

“Once completed, this go-cart track will be the first of its kind in the state and definitely fun for the whole family.”

John Arie Jr., CEO of Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America Atlanta offers thrill rides, arcade games, Laser Tag, three mini-golf courses, fast-paced go-cart tracks and fun for adults and kids alike. The property is located in Fayetteville.